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1. Expanded coverage of international news, including stories from lesser-known countries and regions.
2. A comprehensive database of news archives that can be searched by keyword.
3. A dedicated section for investigative journalism and long-form feature stories.
4. An interactive platform that allows readers to submit stories, such as citizen journalism pieces.
5. A “News of the Day” page, featuring top stories from around the world.
6. An “Ask the Experts” section, where readers can submit questions and get responses from experts in various fields.
7. A “Trending Topics” section that tracks the most talked-about stories of the day.
8. A “My News” section that allows readers to customize their news feed based on their interests.
9. An “Opinion” section that features opinion pieces from readers and experts alike.
10. A “Behind the Scenes” page that offers readers a glimpse into the newsroom and the people who make the news happen.

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